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Get in touch with our specialists or check of Q&A section.

After all, what is the Lett's purpose?

The company’s purpose is to help brands and retailers to optimize their digital points of sale, so they can offer a perfect buying experience to consumers.

For instance:

  • We believe everyone should be able to find information about the products they wish to purchase online.
  • Everyone should be able to trust what they see when presented with product pages from an e-commerce. products should always be available for purchase.
  • The overall experience should be impeccable.

Which products do we offer?

Lett offers two products for the purposes of Digital Trade Marketing. Insights for brands and Placeholder for retailers. Both products work in an integrated way, connecting brands and retailers with the goal to offer a perfect online shopping experience to consumers.

What kind of companies can use our products?

Lett has basically 2 types of clients: the retailers with an e-commerce, and their suppliers of products. Placeholder helps e-commerces from several categories to optimize the consumer’s buying experience by optimizing content displayed on product pages. We work with retailers operating marketplaces, pharmacies, supermarkets, sport gear stores, bookstores, hardware stores and others.

The other profile of client Lett benefits is that of factories, commercial representatives (we refer to these companies, in short, as brands). These clients have the challenge to optimize how their products are being announced on the internet through direct channels. As an example, a smartphone brand needs to guarantee that their products on display in an e-commerce, like Amazon, should be shown in the best way possible in order to attract and convert consumers.

Who are the Lett clients? Big or small companies?

Lett solutions were designer to fit customers of all sizes. Our features are very easy to use and the software can be hired in modules and scope that fits every company’s budget.

How much does it cost?

The Placeholder solution is free for retailers. For brands, the price of Insights depends on the project scope and customers’ needs. Therefore, the price is totally flexible and fits in the budget of any company.

How can I start using Lett solutions?

The first step is to get in touch with a consultant. This consultant will review the challenges you are facing in your business and will evaluate how Lett can help you. In this step, a demonstration of the product will be made, the goals you want to achieve are outlined and a commercial proposal is elaborated.